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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download my email to an email program on my mobile device or PC?
Yes. Simply enter your email address during setup and the program should detect the correct server name
CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions.

How do I create an offline folder in Microsoft Outlook?
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. If the command ribbon is not displayed, display it by clicking the box with the UP arrow in it on the upper-right corner
  4. navigate to where you want your offline folder to be
  5. name your offline folder (this will also be the name that appears in your folder list in Outlook)
  6. the new folder will appear at the bottom of your list of folders in the left column of Outlook
  7. any mail placed in this new folder will be stored on your PC instead of on the server
How to I select all messages when using the web-based mail?
- At the bottom gray bar you will see Select
- Click the arrows and select All

Can I add filters or rules to route my email to a specific folder?
Yes. If downloading to your PC, the program should have mail routing capability.
Each program is different so we won't cover that here.

If using our web-based email, mail routing is accomplished by setting up Filter Rules as follows:
- Log in to
- Click Settings at the upper-right
- Click Filters, then RuleSet1
- Under the Filters column, click the plus sign and create a new rule to the right.
- Add a Stop evaluating rules rule to each filter unless you want more than one
  rule to apply to each incoming email.
- Save the rule

Filters are executed in the order shown.
If you want a different order, simply drag and drop each rule to the desired location.

When composing an email in the web-based email, what does Add Followup-To mean?
We're not entirely sure. This is something new being added by the email industry.
We did find this however. If you can decipher that, please let us know!

Storage and limits
You can view your limit in the lower-left while logged in to webmail.
We strongly recommend you save emails to offline folders on your computer using an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird.
Although we do backups, recovery of lost emails is not guaranteed.
If you reach your limit you'll need to move messages to the Trash to open up more space.

My mail is slow!
If you are going to use webmail, you must close any client programs such as Incredimail, Outlook, or Thunderbird.
Running a client and accessing email via the web both at the same time will cause major delays!